Matt Tubman (aka The Tubstar) is much more than a trumpet player, he transcends the instrument. Anyone who has witnessed a Tubstar performance can testify to the joyous energy he brings that is both effortless and heartfelt.

With over 20 years experience performing both as a soloist and in high-profile theatre productions all around the world, The Tubstar’s CV runs deep. Working with the likes of powerhouse performers, David Campbell, James Morrison, Katie Noonan and many more, Tubstar is a man in demand and one you’d want in your corner with the chops to back it up. It is through his passion for recording and performing, that Tubstar’s star qualities truly stand out.

As well as teaching at various high schools around Melbourne, the Tubstar has been involved in Musica-Viva, which runs one of the largest music education programs in Australia, reaching close to 300,000 school children each year. All of this tells you Tubstar is a multi-faceted, seasoned performer with a passion for education that is unparalleled.